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I'm so excited you are here! 

Whatever your questions are,
there is always Divine Love & Guidance available to you. 

I can help you
*Flow with it

Divine Journey of Self


 I am a Conscious Empath, a Healer, an Akashic Records Reader & a Channel. My purpose in this lifetime is to plant Seeds of Truth & Love in the Hearts of Conscious Souls. I love working with Light Workers (PSST... If you're here, you probably are one!!) to help them identify their Soul's Mission, & the Soul Contracts they are meant to fulfill in their Lifetime. 

I channel Your Highest Self, Your Guides & Your Akashic Record along with My Guides ÆHR, to help you to achieve your deepest Desires and Dreams!


"My reading by Rebecca was amazing.

Although I have been to mediums in the past,

I’ve never experienced a full reading of my Akashic Records.

I have been intrigued about past lives for the past year

and knew that was the focus I wanted this reading to have.

I was a little uneasy,

but her approach was so comforting and immediately reassuring.

Right out of the gate, she described a little girl, Angel, so clearly, telling me what she liked to do and when she lived.

She explained that she was killed in the Holocaust

and provided me with her first and last name, ethnicity, country and age.

I wasn’t expecting this information to come through, let alone so matter-of-factly.

After the session, I knew I had to investigate further. I had a suspicion that the last name was in fact the city in which she was taken from in 1940.

Within minutes, I located records from that city.

There was only one child with that first name out of the 57 on the convoy that day and she was the exact age mentioned.

I was stunned.

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Harpor S. 
Washington, D.C.

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