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Burst of Light

I channel a collective of Pleiadian Energies that Facilitate the Highest and Best Knowledge when accessing the Akashic Records. ÆR, as they have called themselves, are deeply interested in our success as a collective and deeply enjoy giving us loving and compassionate guidance in these trying times. 

Akashic Records FAQ Video Coming soon!!! 

45 min  /   $232

Akashic Records Reading

Relationship Reading
Birth chart Reading


Apply Light, as needed.

Image by Dyu - Ha

Divine Light Transmutation

2+ hour  /   $444

Do you find yourself attracted to the same negative people and situations? Are you unable to break habits and feel stuck? Do you want to fully experiance Are you looking to meet your Teachers, Guides & Loved ones and even your Highest Self? 

We dive deep in this modality finding that the Light always Knows the Way Home. We apply the wisdom of the Akashic Records to a Regression Session. 

Divine Light Transmutation FAQs Video Coming SOON!

yearly Transit Reading
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